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Available Services:


  • Wethersfield, Connecticut

Service Area:

  • private training: anywhere in Connecticut

  • overnight care: 35 mi.

  • grooming, walks, & other short-term care: 25 mi.

* Some exceptions may apply. Contact for more information.

  • private dog training

  • grooming

  • walks

  • drop-ins

  • overnight care

Image by Mikhail Vasilyev
Basic Information
Methods & Mottos


  • All pets must be up-to-date on their Rabies vaccination (as is required by state law). Distemper is also required unless medically exempt. 

  • ​All clients must read and sign the Pet Care Agreement prior to scheduling any services.

  • All dogs are walked wearing both a harness and a collar without exception. If you do not own a harness, one can be provided for the duration of the service.

  • I am a science-based trainer - I use what is known as the L.I.M.A. approach

  • Absolutely no use of pain, intimidation, or compulsive tools (prong collars, choke chains, and/or electric shock collars)



How I Got Started

In 2013, I began working with my first private client. Though I loved all the dogs and other pets at the pet care facility I worked at so much, I often felt frustrated with the lack of experience that other camp counselors had as well as with staff members who were not willing to go the extra mile for the animals. In 2016 I finally left my minimum-wage job at that kennel, and thus R.A.T.E. was born.

So I set out on my own, finally able to set my own high standards for pet care and customer service and no longer having to worry about corners being cut or important details being overlooked. I joined the online platform and quickly began gaining clients. Once I had finally built up a great, loyal clientele and had enough in my savings, I took the plunge and officially formed Ruff Around the Edges LLC.

I am passionate about not only making sure that every owner is fully confident in entrusting me with their pet's well being, but also making sure every animal feels loved, secure, and happy when they are with me. I take great pride in both my knowledge and experience, and I believe there is always more to learn no matter what the subject. I make time to further my education via online courses, scientific journals, etc. in order to be up to date on the latest science and research and continue to grow within the field.

I treat every single pet as if they are my own, including taking endless pictures of each one and showering them with all the love they can bear. I want every pet to enjoy spending time with me, both when in training and not. As for their humans, I am fully dedicated to ensuring every single client gets any continued support they need to remain successful and they feel completely happy with having chosen me. I always keep an open line of communication with every pet owner, beginning with total honesty and transparency from myself.  


Ruff Around the Edges LLC is a fully insured company offering a variety of valuable services including behavioral training, mobile grooming, and more.

About the Owner/Trainer

My name is Mackenzie! I grew up in central Connecticut and currently my pack consists of my dog, Magnolia, and my cat, Turkey.


I grew up surrounded by cats and dogs in my own household as well as countless other pets within my extended family, but it was when I became a doggy daycare counselor that I first seriously began learning about behavior. With years of prior animal experience and my love of working with dogs, I quickly gained invaluable hands-on learning experience. I was able to absorb how to read their body language, interpret behavior, and appropriately manage play and interactions between upwards of 35 dogs at a time.

Once I felt I had mastered handling and supervising the groups, I felt comfortable enough to become the apprentice for our dog trainer on staff. After two years and countless hours shadowing both her and other professional trainers she introduced me to, I finally took the leap and began running my own classes, lessons, and private one-on-one sessions. It was because of their encouragement that I came to trust in my own abilities in my knowledge of dog behavior as well as my teaching skills. 

In the past, sometimes I would struggle with my customer service skills and working with people who lacked my same passion and drive. This frustration was a big part of what pushed me into gaining the experience I needed to work for myself. Now I am incredibly grateful to finally able to do the thing I love most; working with pets and educating the humans that love them.  

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