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                 How To Access Your Google Classroom

Step One:

Go to

Make sure you are logged in to your Google account.

Step Two:

Click "+" sign on top right of screen.

Step Three:

On dropdown menu, click & choose "Join class" option.

Step Four:

You should have already received the code to join your classroom via email. If you have not yet, please contact your trainer before continuing.

Once you have your code, click on the line that says "Class code" and enter it there.


You can enter your code either by typing it in manually or you can copy it from the email using either "CTRL+C" (PC)/"command+C" (Mac) or right click then select "Copy" from the dropdown menu, then paste using either "CTRL+V" (PC)/"command+V" (Mac) or right click then select "Paste" from the dropdown menu [as shown below].

Step Five:

Once class code has been entered in, click the blue "JOIN" button.


You should now have access to your classroom.  Your dashboard should look something like this:

Still having trouble?

Check out Google Classroom's help webpage here.

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