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This page is loaded with pictures, links, and descriptions of the things I am constantly suggesting to my clients and other pet owners. There are a few on this page that I have not personally used, however I will mention that in the product's notes so you know which ones they are.

Please keep in mind that most or all of these brands and/or products are available from other retailers and websites in addition to the ones that are linked.

Boxes marked with this

symbol are what I consider to be "the essentials".

my favorite treats

* most affordable! *



freedom harness.png

Mackenzie Says:

This is an awesome option for dogs that have a smooth coat and/or sensitive skin because the belly portion is lined with velvet!

2 hounds design.jpeg

Freedom Harness

"Features a patented control loop on the back of the harness which tightens gently around your dog’s chest to discourage pulling behavior and makes walking your dog an easy, more enjoyable experience for both of you.  It also features a structural connection ring on the front of the harness."

kurgo harness 2.jpg
kurgo logo.png


 ideal for outdoor activities like walks, dog park socialization, and training. Enables the dog to pant, drink water, and take treats.

This company custom-makes each muzzle based on the dog's measurements.



Muzzles are an invaluable tool with an unfortunate stigma often attached to them. With proper training and practice, dogs can learn to actually enjoy having their muzzle put on and feel just as comfortable wearing them as they do their leash or collar.

Muzzles can serve several purposes, including stopping dogs from picking up items on the ground, creating a secure barrier for dogs that are reactive and/or aggressive to other dogs or humans, or even block dogs that are dog friendly but lack social skills from overreacting when socializing.


I encourage all of my clients to muzzle  train their dogs,

even if they have no obvious need in the near future!

baskerville uses _0.png


works well for short-term needs, such as a vet or grooming visit. Open end can make treat delivery much easier than with basket style.


Most flat-faced dogs like pugs and bulldogs just don't have enough snoot to wear a standard muzzle.

coastal soft muzzle.jpeg
short snout muzzle.jpg

Car Safety Belt

"Other dog seat belt systems can easily be released by your pet stepping on the buckle button. This can not happen with the Mighty Paw Safety Belt. We designed our product using the same specifications used for securing child car seats."

mighty paw logo.png
toozey belt.jpg

This is the one that I personally use!

toozey logo.jpeg
kurgo safeline 1.jpeg
kurgo safeline 2.jpeg
kurgo logo.png

I also use this one!


Mackenzie Says:

I constantly have a treat pouch on my hip. It also holds my doggy waste bags, but mostly I like having it because you never know what kind of situations could present themselves and I want to be prepared to reward my dog if they've done something really well.


^ box clicker ^


^ button clicker ^

This is the one that I personally use!

Cotton Lead 15' (or more)

"Long lines or drag lines are perfect for teaching your dog to come to you, as well as giving your dog a little extra freedom during play time at the park or in your yard."

Mackenzie Says:

I use this lead  probably 90% of the time that I have a dog on leash. I use the added length to give the dog extra room to explore, stop/go more freely, and give them a boost of confidence without risking their safety.

It is easy to wind up as needed if you need the dog to be closer for things like crossing the street, passing by people on the sidewalk, etc. It also serves as an incredible tool for teaching off leash skills, on leash skills, and recalls.

I have found out the hard way that nylon leashes can cause some serious burns, which is why I always recommend cotton.

This is the one that I personally use!

Double-Handle Leash


"Great for when you need to keep your dog closer to you in traffic, obedience class, or around others."



Snuffle Mat

"An entirely unique experience, Wooly engages dogs’ powerful sense of smell as they snuffle, snort, and sniff their way through dinner or treat time. Built to stimulate a dog’s natural foraging instincts by mimicking the hunt for food in grass and fields, Wooly feeds both their belly and their brain."

snuffle mat.jpg
paw5 logo.png

Mackenzie Says:

Don't just toss your dog's food  into a bowl and place it down for them to mindlessly chow down right away. Let them use their strongest sense, smell, and make meal time much more entertaining and interesting!

Treat-Dispensing Toys

kong wobbler.jpg
kong logo.png

Mackenzie Says:

I try to get all of my clients hooked on these, and every time I do they  thank me for it! The wobbler has sand in the bottom to help it stay upright, and the top half screws off so you can easily load it with their food or some snacks. Highly recommend that one.

flirt pole.jpg

Flirt Pole

"An easy way to keep your dog happy and healthy in less than 10 minutes a day."

Mackenzie Says:

Basically a giant cat toy, flirt poles are an incredibly underrated toy for dogs. If your dog has any sort of prey drive and/or loves to tug, this could be your perfect, low effort way to mentally and physically tire your pup out. I've used this with many doggy clients and they always have a blast!

I've owned the  same flirt pole pictured here for a few years now and have found that it is very well-made and durable.

pet expertise logo.png


"Antlers make excellent dog chews because they are made of a bony material and so are hard, long-lasting, interesting to the dog and not smelly or staining.

They are similar in hardness to a Nylabone, but tastier and healthier. Not all dogs will love chewing every antler. Older and picky dogs are generally not as interested in chewing antlers unless it happens to be a really "good" one (humans can not tell the difference!). The dogs that appreciate chewing antlers the most are young dogs and dogs that just love to chew. "

Mackenzie Says:

These are pretty widely available, so if you are going to purchase from another company just make sure their products are sourced & made in the USA.

*not recommended for puppies who do

not yet have their adult teeth*

bully sticks.jpg

Bully Sticks   

"100% beef, natural and digestible, making them one of the safest dog chews available. This is why many veterinarians recommend them over commercial rawhides and nylabones, which often cause GI distress due to indigestible material."

"Bull pizzles are single-ingredient, high-protein, low-fat and grain-free. Dogs are carnivores, they should not be eating grains, sugar or chemicals."

Mackenzie Says:

These are pretty widely available, so if you are going to purchase from another company just make sure their products are sourced & made in the USA.

sanch & lola logo.jpeg

Himalayan Chews

"Himalayan Chews are healthy, all natural, long-lasting dog chew treats made of a very hard cheese. These are excellent, unique dog chews for dogs of all sizes and ages."

Mackenzie Says:

These are probably the safest chew I've listed in terms of supervision that is recommended. These are easily digestible (so long as your dog isn't lactose intolerant) and, as an added bonus, have instructions on the packaging on how to take the last bit of the chew and turn it into a crispy puff to make it super easy for the dog to chew and swallow.

*not recommended for puppies who do

not yet have their adult teeth*



A crate is an incredibly useful tool dogs, offering them both a safe space that is only theirs where they can relax and be confined when necessary. It is also great practice for any future stays at the vet, groomer, and/or for boarding.


ProSelect Empire Pet Crate

(available from several retailers)



Crate Cover


High-Density Foam


Telescoping Ramp



snout soother.jpg

This company makes organic, vegan, and all-natural topical products proudly handcrafted in the United States. I've used both the Snout Soother and the Paw Soother balms on clients as well as my own dogs and have seen awesome results!

Natural Dog Co.png

Adaptil Diffuser

"The Adaptil D.A.P. (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) mimics the pheromone that a mother dog produces to calm and reassure her puppies. Dogs recognize these pheromones throughout life as these pheromones appear to have a relaxing effect for both the young and adults. The Adaptil DAP Plug in Diffuser is an effective natural way to help your dog cope with new and fearful situations."

adaptil diffuser.jpg
pet expertise logo.png

Mackenzie Says:

This is one of the few things I can not personally vouch for, but I do like to mention it in the case that someone may not be aware of this type of product.

Does Your Pet Have Anxiety? Joint pain?

Consider Trying CBD!


CBD Treats

"No smoke and mirrors are needed if you offer a product that you truly believe in and can stand behind knowing each and every step of its production. Our friends and partners are farmers in northern Colorado who practice organic farming and whose goal is to provide the cleanest CBD plant extract to as many people as they can. All of our products are lab tested for exact content of Cannabidiol present and to ensure low levels of THC."


VETCBD products are tested by state-certified laboratories in accordance with California cannabis testing regulations to ensure quality and safety.

Recommended uses include:

  • Support joint mobility

  • Support normal brain function

  • Help maintain normal GI health

  • Help keep your pet calm

For Kitties



"Helps cats adjust to challenging situations and curb stress related unwanted behaviors 

  • #1 VET RECOMMENDED solution 



  • HELPS CATS ADAPT TO NEW SURROUNDINGS: new home, new family member or a new pet"

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