Whether your pet is furry, scaly, hairy, or covered in feathers, you can rest easily knowing that with Ruff Around the Edges, 

your beloved companion will be in capable hands that will love them as much as you do and give them the best quality care.



  • one-on-one training on site (in your home, neighborhood, etc.)

  • weekly homework & resources to supplement and enhance learning

  • lifetime support on all coursework


  • keep up with your pet's care without lifting a finger

  • lots of options including pedicures, brush-outs, and more

  • available for cats, dogs, and other small animals 



  • all types of pets welcome!

  • lots of experience with reactive, shy, and dog-aggressive dogs

  • flexible options for care and appointment times



  • have peace of mind knowing your pet will be cared for if you will be gone for the day or even overnight

  • any special needs, such as dietary or medical, will be handled carefully

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Ruff Around the Edges LLC is a fully-insured Limited Liability Company and is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

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