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What You Need to Know

Boarding is offered on a very limited basis and does involve a few requirements in order for a pet to qualify. If you are a new client or your dog has not done daycare with me before, you must first complete a screening process to determine if your pet is eligible. Read more on daycare here.

For first-timers, you will need to inform me of your request to board well in advance so you can complete the necessary steps to prepare your pet for their stay. At least two months notice is recommended and a deposit is required in order to book your reservation, and I always highly recommend having a backup plan for your pet's care just in case.

Rates - Dogs

Regular Daily Rate:



Includes a daily pack walk or physical activity of at least 30 minutes. A private crate with comfortable orthopedic bedding is included for daily nap times and overnight. 

Deluxe Daily Rate:


Regular Holiday Rate:


Deluxe Holiday Rate:



Includes all Regular Daily Rate amenities in addition to a private walk or activity one-on-one with your dog lasting 30 minutes.


This is the increased cost for Regular Daily Rate for dates during your pet's stay that fall on national holidays due to high demand.


This is the cost for the Deluxe Daily Rate for dates during your pet's stay that fall on national holidays due to high demand.

Rates - Cats

Regular Daily Rate:


Deluxe Daily Rate:


Regular Holiday Rate:



Includes daily explore time outside of their crate for at least 30 minutes. Cats stay in a private wire crate designed for them with multiple levels of shelves to jump onto. Fresh water, bedding, and a litter box are available at all times.


Includes all Regular Daily Rate amenities plus an extra 30 minutes of time to explore and/or play.


This is the increased cost for Regular Daily Rate for dates during your pet's stay that fall on national holidays due to high demand.

Deluxe Holiday Rate:



This is the cost for the Deluxe Daily Rate for dates during your pet's stay that fall on national holidays due to high demand.



If my schedule allows, you can arrange for your pet to be picked up from home at the beginning of their stay and/or dropped off at the end of their stay. Contact me if you'd like a personalized estimate for this service.


Requirements for Boarding

  1. Pets must be up-to-date on and provide proof of both rabies and distemper vaccinations. Records can be sent to me in an email attachment in the form of a photo or scanned copy, and it is recommended you do so as soon as possible in case there is any issue with the documents.

  2. Pet cannot show symptoms or have a diagnosis of any contagious conditions.

  3. Cannot behave aggressive towards cats, dogs, or strangers (cats have a little more wiggle room here).

  4. Dogs have been approved for daycare and, after evaluation, have completed the required number of daycare visits in the 4 weeks leading up to the start date for boarding. For more information on daycare click here.

  5. Dogs must be  house trained and crate-trained and should not experience stress/anxiety due to being crated. Availability for puppies still being potty trained varies. Cats must be litter box trained.

  6. The Pet Care Agreement has been reviewed and signed prior to or at time of drop-off.

How It Works

How It Works

Before Your Reservation

  • Send a request via email that includes the dates you are requesting, what times you would like to drop off and pick-up, requests for grooming, and any other important or relevant information related to your pet and the care they will need.

  • I will either decline your request if my schedule does not allow or confirm my ability , and estimates can be provided first upon request. At this point I will create your reservation and send an invoice via email including your deposit, and your booking is confirmed once I receive the deposit.

  • Provide proof of your pet's vaccinations. More info here.

Cancellation Policy

Arrival Day

Have the following supplies:

  • collar with identification tags

  • harness

  • leash

  • appropriate amount of their food (in a hard

      tupperware container if it is dry food - no


  • any supplements or medications in their

      original container

  • durable chew toy or digestible chews for nap times (recommended)

  • any special blankets or pillows they like to sleep with (optional)

  • wire crate (optional)

  • stainless steel bowl (optional)

During Their Stay

  • First thing in the morning, all dogs get let out from their crates and are taken out into the fenced yard to do their business.

  • Dogs are monitored at all times when together. Guests are always supervised when in the yard.

  • Meals are served in each dog's crate. This eliminates anybody trying to get someone else's food and helps the crate become more rewarding. Dry foods are rehydrated with hot water for 10-15 minutes prior to serving to aid in digestion and hydration.

  • After finishing their meals, dogs remain separated for ~30 minutes so everyone can have time to digest. 

  • During the day, dogs have constant access to fresh water only excluding crate time. All bowls are cleaned daily.

  • Pets are free to raid the two toy bins available in the house to find a toy to their liking. Stuffed animals, antlers, tug toys, and nylabones are some of their many options.

  • Bathroom breaks occur regularly throughout the day, typically every 3-4 hours at most. All elimination and consumption is noted in order to keep track of their normal patterns and record any concerns or abnormalities.

  • Nap time is a 1-hour daily break midday where guest dogs retire to their assigned crate to relax, decompress, and have some private time. They are free to rest or gnaw on a chew during this time.

  • Each day, dogs have a 30-minute group activity consisting of some form of exercise. This can be a walk around the neighborhood, a fetch session, or a host of other fun activities.

  • Dogs have comfortable bedding available throughout the day and are permitted on all furniture.

  • When weather permits,  we spend as much time outside as possible and they have several outdoor cots available to curl up on if they need a break or want to warm up in the sunshine.

  • All dogs are separated overnight in their individual beds and crates. As much as I would love to allow everyone to snuggle up in bed with me, I need my sleep too!

  • You will receive regular updates and photos throughout your pet's stay. Any concerns, whether behavioral or physical, will be relayed promptly. In the case of an emergency you will be contacted as soon as possible once steps have been taken to care for your pet first.

Departure Day

  • Like many hotels, check-out is at 11 a.m. but you may pick up earlier upon request. Pick-ups scheduled after 11 a.m. but before 2:00 p.m. will incur a Late Pickup Fee of $15. Pick-ups at 2:00 p.m. or later will be counted as a full day.

  • Most grooming services that have been requested are done the morning of departure unless otherwise specified. All guests are kept clean and free of tangled fur or hair throughout their stay.

  • Have a credit card handy to pay for your remaining balance. Your card on file can be charged for an added processing fee of 1.75%.

Have more questions? Check my FAQ page. If you read the FAQ but are still searching for answers, contact me directly here.

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