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Pet owners often avoid essential maintenance because they have a hard time handling their pet or are just not comfortable doing the task themselves. That's where I come in - no more struggling to keep your dog still or stressful trips to the groomer. You can rest assured I will take the time to make sure your pet gets rewarded handsomely for their good behavior and over time will learn to enjoy the experience!

All of the grooming services you see listed below are available to add on to any other scheduled service, including private training! Grooming is not available to be scheduled alone at this time.

The Bare Necessities



Pets use their nails constantly to walk, run, climb, and grip, so they can become extremely uncomfortable and fast if their length is not maintained. Each pet varies a bit in how often they need them, however average is around every 1-2 weeks. With dogs, nails should be short enough that you do not hear them touching the floor when walking on smooth surfaces such as tile or hardwood.

Pedicures include both a trim as well as a filing to smooth the edges and get each nail as short as possible. Also helps with overgrown nails where the blood vessel has extended with the overgrowth by painlessly forcing it to shorten with each pedicure.



Pets eat every day just like we do, but many of us pet owners still do not make dental care a priority for our pets nearly as much as we do for ourselves. Dental chews and treats can help, however your pet should still be getting their teeth brushed at least a few times each week.

Each pet must have their own toothbrush for sanitary purposes. If you do not already own one for your dog, one can be provided for you at an additional charge.


Starting at $10 

*price varies based on coat  condition, length, and density*

Depending on your pet's coat, they may need a quick brushing every week just to maintain shine, natural oil production, and keep shedding to a minimum. Others may need more thorough care, like a daily combing to prevent tangles and matting.

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