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In Your Home:

Starts @ $22

Starts @ $28

Walk Or Playtime

Choose between 30, 45, or 60 minutes appointments.

Whether your pet would more enjoy getting some fresh air and exploring the neighborhood or simply hanging out on the living room carpet getting belly rubs, their activity is up to you and them to choose. 


45 minutes

If your pet is in need of a meal, medication, or grooming, a drop-in is what you're looking for. Your pet will get 30 minutes of activity with the remaining 15 minutes reserved for the extra care they need.



Time varies

     If you'd like your dog to have companionship for an extended period of time as opposed to a brief visit for a walk, daycare may be a good option for you. Daycare dogs have constant access to fresh bowls of water, comfy spots to relax, and a plethora of different toys for them to choose from.

     In my house I have a dog of my own as well as a cat, so applicants must be non-cat-aggressive and very dog-friendly in order for a dog to be considered eligible for daycare. At this time, daycare is only for dogs who have been well-socialized and have great social skills with other dogs.

   Daycare dogs get plenty of opportunities to go outside (weather permitting) throughout the day in the fenced-in yard, plus they can accompany me to any appointments with other dog-friendly pups I may have during the day for some extra adventure and playtime. 

     Daycare also includes a 1-hour naptime midday for dogs to relax, unwind, and have some private time in a cozy, sizable crate. Owners are welcome to provide a bully stick, stuffed kong, etc. if they would like their dog to have something to occupy them during naptime. Meals can be provided upon request.

Before applying for your dog to join daycare, please read the following requirements. Dogs must be:

  • an existing client (meaning they have had several walks, drop-ins, etc. scheduled with R.A.T.E. in the past)

  • current on rabies and distemper (a.k.a. DHPP or DHLPP) vaccinations

  • dog friendly and not cat aggressive

  • comfortable being closed in a crate and/or left alone

  • free of any bite history (has bitten a person or pet & broken skin)

Starts @ $24.50

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