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"Coaching" refers to private, one-on-one training that is conducted on location with the trainer and humans of the household. I recommend these programs the most because no matter how many hours, days, weeks, etc. that a trainer spends with a dog, permanent change only occurs when the humans themselves go through training as well.

Each course is pre-designed much like a group class but with the added benefit of focusing completely on you and your dog, working in your home environment, and unique exercises that are not possible in a group setting. 


The Practical Puppy

3-6 weeks, 6 sessions, 1 hour each.

$750 +tax

Prerequisite: Consultation

Don't wait for problems to suddenly come up once your puppy hits 8 months or reaches adulthood. For puppies up to 4 months old, this program is designed to guide you through the critical, but brief, socialization period that puppies experience. It focuses on introducing each pup to loads of people, places, and social settings and setting them up to be a confident and compliant adult.

Some exercises include:

  • dealing with mouthing & teaching bite inhibition

  • extensive socialization

  • crate training

... plus much more

Penny the French Bulldog

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6 weeks, 6 sessions, 1 hour each. 

$750 +tax

Prerequisite: The Basics

This course is designed to sharpen your abilities as a handler/trainer and to further challenge your dog's newly developed skills so they can perform them even during times of high distraction and difficulty. It focuses on advanced obedience behaviors and also incorporates more fun, confidence building exercises than its program predecessor.

Some exercises include:

  • heel

  • stay

  • advanced impulse control

  • ... plus much more

Tess the chocolate Labrador Retriever

To book this service, you will need to contact me directly for a consultation. You can send me an email here.

Single Additional Session

Starts at $170 per hour, pricing may vary.

Prerequisite: Any Available Program

This is an option for existing clients who have previously completed a program. Add-on sessions are designed to act as a supplement to lessons from the most recent sessions. This option is great for owners who need help on a particular exercise or behavior that was a part of their program.


To book this service, you will need to contact me directly. You can send me an email from here.

The Basics*

*most popular choice

6 weeks, 6 sessions, 1 hour each.

$750 +tax

Prerequisite: Consultation or completion of "The Practical Puppy"

For any dog more than 4 months of age, this program is best for owners of all experience levels because its focus is teaching pup parents all of the things that group classes do not. Suitable for dogs of all energy levels, sizes, and previous training experience. 

Some exercises include:

  • impulse control

  • greeting guests & strangers politely

  • leash manners

... plus much more

Lucy sitting.JPG

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Leash Manners

3 weeks, 3 sessions, 1 hour each.

$375 +tax

Prerequisite: None

Recommended Prerequisite: The Basics

This mini-program tackles one of the most common and most challenging behaviors that owners struggle with: walking on a leash. This course focuses completely on teaching dogs to walk calmly and politely on their leash while also instilling confidence when out in the world.


This program is most effective when scheduled after successfully completing "The Basics". For dogs who are reactive to people, other dogs, etc., see the "Reactivity Counter Conditioning" program below.

Neville the English Setter

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Reactivity Counter Conditioning

3 weeks, 3 sessions, 1 hour each. 

$400 +tax

Prerequisite: Consultation

Recommended Prerequisite: The Basics

Has your dog ever gone bananas when they see another dog, person, or animal? This includes whining, excessive pulling, or barking at the sight of someone or something while you're out for walks or in your home. If you answered "yes", there's a good chance that your dog may be reactive. While it is commonly mistaken as aggression, there are plenty of other reasons why Fido has been going berserk at the sight of the tiny dog that lives down the street.

This mini-program is designed to target the common, but less well-known issue, of reactivity. The 3 sessions focus exclusively on helping you learn to recognize their triggers and teach you the techniques you need to tackle their anxiety, excitement, or frustration. 

The face you make when someone tries to

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While "coaching" has the owner involved in the entire process, "bootcamp" programs consist of the majority of the teaching being done by the trainer. Each week of the program includes 3 sessions where the dog and trainer work alone, then at the end of the week is a transfer session to get the owner up to speed on everything that the dog has learned.  

Each course is pre-designed like coaching, however bootcamp goes much more in depth and advances much quicker in a shorter period of time compared to  coaching.  

Bootcamp programs are offered on a limited basis and have special requirements in order to qualify.

If you are interested, please contact me directly here.

About Private Training

What Is Private Training?

Private training just means one-on-one training that can be done in the comfort of your own home! You can learn what you want and on your own schedule or choose from the selection of pre-designed programs, with the added bonus of having your instructor's full attention.

No more driving through traffic to group classes where the instructor barely gives you and your dog a second glance and generic homework on a piece of paper that you may lose or struggle to follow.

What Makes Private Training


Better Than Group Classes?

Group classes can be a great resource for dog owners, don't get me wrong! It is an affordable way to learn some obedience and fun tricks, interact with a trainer, and expose your dog to a more stimulating and distracting environment. However, with my private training, you will get far more bang for your buck.


Think of it like a long term investment with immediate benefits. While the initial cost will be higher, the payoff will be exponentially better. With my programs you will be able to communicate regularly with your instructor throughout the length of the course (and after, too!) and get unlimited access to the online homework and resources that come included with each package. You will get the support and attention you need to fully grasp each lesson and answer any questions that come up along the way.

You can get so much more out of a private training program than you might expect. Both you and your dog will gain an immense amount of confidence, you will get even better results than you were hoping for, and you will gain skills that will last a lifetime. My teaching style focuses on your dog learning behaviors and creating habits that build a foundation based on impulse control and good social skills while pet parents learn how to effectively communicate with their pets in order to reach their goals. 

Every dog is just as much of an individual as every human is, and how one dog or person learns best might make little to no sense to another. For that reason I tailor each lesson, demonstration, and technique in order to help owners and their dogs learn in a way that works the best for them. When training with R.A.T. E., you will get to work with a passionate professional who will love your dog as much as you do and will go above and beyond to ensure every student succeeds. 

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