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The Practical Puppy

5 weeks. $900 +tax

Prerequisite: Consultation

For ages 4 months and younger, your puppy will get the hands-on training they need in their most critical stage of development. Your puppy will get to exposed to all the sights, sounds, and smells of the world with someone who can guide them through the entire experience stress-free.

Penny the French Bulldog

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5 weeks. $900 +tax

Prerequisite: The Basics

This program will really solidify and further develop the skills your dog gained in The Basics. Your dog will be the talk of the town once the neighbors spot their new, impeccable leash manners and friendly, contained greetings with people. 

Tess the chocolate Labrador Retriever

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The Basics

5 weeks. $900 +tax

Prerequisite: Consultation or completion of "The Practical Puppy"

For dogs over 4 months, this program is best for an owner who has done little to no training with their dog so far and is struggling with their dog lacking manners and discipline.

Lexi the terrier mix

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Single Add-On Session

Starts at $80 per hour, pricing may vary.

Prerequisite: Any Available Program.

This option is for clients who feel their dog needs extra training to meet their standards for a particular behavior. 

Neville the English Setter

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